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RawValue - Send and receive raw values over KNX


RawValue devices send uint values to the KNX bus. Received values update the devices state. Optionally the current state can be read from the KNX bus.


  • xknx is the XKNX object.
  • name is the name of the object.
  • payload_length is the appended byte size to a CEMI-Frame. 0 for DPT 1, 2 and 3.
  • group_address is the KNX group address of the raw value device. Used for sending.
  • group_address_state is the KNX group address of the raw value device.
  • respond_to_read if True GroupValueRead requests to the group_address are answered. Defaults to False
  • sync_state defines if and how often the value should be actively read from the bus. If False no GroupValueRead telegrams will be sent to its group address. Defaults to True
  • always_callback defines if a callback shall be triggered for consecutive GroupValueWrite telegrams with same payload. Defaults to False
  • device_updated_cb awaitable callback for each update.


value = RawValue(

# Set a value without sending to the bus
value.remote_value.value = 23.0

# Send a new value to the bus
await value.set(24.0)

# Returns the value of in a human readable way

# Returns the last received telegram or None