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Covers and Shutters


Shutters are simple representations of blind/roller cover actuators. With XKNX you can move them up, down, to direct positions or stop them. Internally the class calculates the current position while traveling.


  • xknx XKNX object.
  • name name of the device.
  • group_address_long KNX group address to move the cover to an end position. DPT 1.001
  • group_address_short KNX group address to move the cover stepwise. DPT 1.001
  • group_address_stop KNX group address to stop movement. DPT 1.001
  • group_address_position KNX group address to move to relative position. DPT 5.001
  • group_address_position_state KNX group address for retrieving the relative position. DPT 5.001
  • group_address_angle KNX group address to tilt blinds to relative position. DPT 5.001
  • group_address_angle_state KNX group address to retrieve angle of blinds. DPT 5.001
  • group_address_locked_state KNX group address to retrieve if manual interaction with the cover is currently disabled. DPT 1.001
  • sync_state defines if and how often the value should be actively read from the bus. If False no GroupValueRead telegrams will be sent to its group address. Defaults to True
  • travel_time_down seconds to reach lower end position. Default: 22
  • travel_time_up seconds to reach upper end position. Default: 22
  • invert_updown invert up/down binary payload. Default: False
  • invert_position invert position percentage from / to KNX bus. Default: False
  • invert_angle invert angle from / to KNX bus. Default: False
  • device_updated_cb awaitable callback for each update.


cover = Cover(

# Moving to up position
await cover.set_up()

# Moving to down position
await cover.set_down()

# Moving cover a step up
await cover.set_short_up()

# Moving cover a step down
await cover.set_short_down()

# Stopping cover
await cover.stop()

# Moving cover to absolute position
await cover.set_position(50)

# Tilting blinds to absolute position
await cover.set_angle(50)

# Requesting current state
# If requested position was not reached yet, XKNX will calculate the position
# out of last known position and defined traveling times
position = cover.current_position()
angle = cover.current_angle()

# Helper functions to see if cover is traveling or has reached final position
is_traveling = cover.is_traveling()
position_reached = cover.position_reached()

# Helper functions to see if cover is fully closed or fully open or moving
is_open = cover.is_open()
is_closed = cover.is_closed()
is_traveling = cover.is_traveling()
is_opening = cover.is_opening()
is_closing = cover.is_closing()
is_locked = cover.is_locked()

# Requesting state via KNX GroupValueRead
await cover.sync()