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Home Assistant KNX Integration

XKNX is shipped within Home Assistant (HA), the great solution for home automation, in the form of the included KNX integration.

Running HA with local XKNX library

When running HA with the KNX integrated component once, HA will automatically install a xknx library version within [hass-dependency-directory]/lib/python[python-version]/site-packages via pip. In order to test new features before a release you can run HA with a local xknx installation as follows:

Delete the automatically installed version of the library:

rm [hass-dependency-directory]/lib/python[python-version]/site-packages/xknx*

Note: [hass-dependency-directory] is platform dependent (e.g. /usr/local for Docker image, ~/.homeassistant/deps for macOS or /srv/homeassistant for Debian).

Ideally start HA from command line. Export the environment variable PYTHONPATH to your local xknx checkout:

export PYTHONPATH=$HOME/xknx

Starting via service is also possible, but you have to change the configuration to make sure PYTHONPATH is set correctly.


If you have problems, join the XKNX chat on Discord. We are happy to help :-)

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