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XKNX uses devices to separate different functionality in logical groups like lights, climate et al. They are also needed in order to provide support for the home assistant plugin.

An instantiated device is automatically added to xknx.devices.

Common public interface for all Device classes

  • xknx is the XKNX object.
  • name is the name of the object.
  • device_updated_cb List of awaitable callbacks for each update.
  • group_address* Group address for a specific function. If a list is passed the first element is used for sending / reading, the rest are passively updating state (listening group address).

  • has_group_address(group_address) Test if device has given group address.
  • sync(wait_for_result) Read states of device from KNX bus via GroupValueRead requests.
  • register_device_updated_cb(device_updated_cb) Register device updated callback.
  • unregister_device_updated_cb(device_updated_cb) Unregister device updated callback.
  • shutdown() Remove callbacks and device form Devices vector.


>>> light_s = Light(
...     xknx,
...     name="light with state address",
...     group_address_switch="0/2/2",
...     group_address_switch_state="0/3/3",
...     )
>>> light_s.switch.group_address # this is used to send payloads to the bus
>>> light_s.switch.group_address_state # group_address_*_state is used to send GroupValueRead requests to (from `sync()` or StateUpdater)
>>> light_s.switch.passive_group_addresses # none configured
>>> light_p = Light(
...     xknx,
...     name="light with state and passive addresses",
...     group_address_switch=["1/2/2", "4/2/10", "4/2/20"],
...     group_address_switch_state=["1/3/3", "4/3/10", "4/3/20"],
...     )
>>> light_p.switch.group_address # this is used to send payloads to the bus
>>> light_p.switch.group_address_state # group_address_*_state is used for reading state from the bus
>>> light_p.switch.passive_group_addresses # these are only listening
[GroupAddress("4/2/10"), GroupAddress("4/2/20"), GroupAddress("4/3/10"), GroupAddress("4/3/20")]


GroupAddress classes are initialized with strings or integers in the format “1/2/3” for 3-level GA-structure, “1/2” for 2-level GA-structure or “1” for free GA-structure.

InternalGroupAddress classes are initialized by prepending “i”, “i-“ or “i_” to any string. These can be used to connect xknx devices without sending telegrams to the KNX/IP interface.

Addresses passed to devices as arguments are initialized by xknx.telegram.address.parse_device_group_address() to create the according address class.

>>> s = Switch(xknx,
...     name="Switch",
...     group_address=["1/2/3", "1/2/100", "i-🤖⚡️"],
...     )
>>> s.switch.group_address
>>> s.switch.passive_group_addresses
[GroupAddress("1/2/100"), InternalGroupAddress("i-🤖⚡️")]

Device classes

The following pages will give you an overview over the available devices within XKNX.

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