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Splitting up your configuration

Basic usage

XKNX is controlled via a configuration file. Per default the configuration file is named xknx.yaml. You can change this by providing the config option like so: XKNX(config='xknx.yaml').

Throughout the time this configuration has grown a lot meaning that it can be really hard to maintain for bigger installations.

There are several ways to improve the readability of your configuration:

  • lights: !include lights.yaml will load all lights from a dedicated lights.yaml.
  • host: !env_var XKNX_HOST will load the host variable from an environment variable XKNX_HOST and if XKNX_HOST does not exist falls back to

Advanced usage

There is one advanced method to load a whole directory of YAML files at once. Your files must have the .yaml file extension.

  • !include_dir_list will return the complete content of a directory as a list with each file content being and entry in the list. The list entries are unordered.